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What is CoolMini?

Marina Med Spa is one of the first facilities to offer the exciting new fat-reduction treatment called CoolMini. Are you ready to get rid of your double chin once and for all?

The trusted folks at ZELTIQ who brought you CoolSculpting have designed a mini-adaptor to the process. This new device, the CoolMini applicator, effectively addresses the pockets of fat on the neck and under the chin, known as submental fat.

With ZELTIQ’s recent FDA approval of this non-invasive procedure, patients are finally able to reduce the fat deposits responsible for a double chin.

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Your CoolMini Treatment

Before treatment with the CoolMini Los Angeles patients are approved by a board-certified plastic surgeon at Marina Med Spa during a consultation. The plastic surgeon makes sure the patient has enough manipulable pockets of fat to treat.

Once the patient is approved for treatment, a CoolMini appointment is created. The treatment itself begins with the marking of the areas to be treated. A gel pack is then placed over the skin for protection. Once the applicator is turned on, gentle suctioning near the cooling plates help the technology to maximize the surface-to-volume ratio of cold on the targeted fat cells. The cooling begins within minutes of application. Patients will feel a temporary cold sensation before the area becomes numb.

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Some patients experience sensations of tugging, pulling, or pinching during treatment. These sensations subside as the treatment area becomes numb. Treatment may take up to one hour depending on the size of the area being treated. Once the freezing process is complete, the practitioner massages the targeted area to reduce any bulging that results from the suctioning. In addition, this massaging technique increases the effectiveness of the treatment by helping to flush out the area. Los Angeles CoolMini patients can return home immediately and resume their normal activities safely and without discomfort. Some patients may experience mild numbness or tingling after treatment, but this sensation goes away in a matter of a few hours at most. Sessions typically take about an hour to complete, and as previously mentioned, they require none of the recovery associated with surgery or other techniques.

State-Of-The-Art Technique

One of the more common issues plastic surgeons hear about is the struggle to reshape and reduce the area under the chin. No matter how much they diet and exercise, that stubborn fat refuses to go away.

One of the more common issues plastic surgeons hear about is the struggle to reshape and reduce the area under the chin. No matter how much they diet and exercise, that stubborn fat refuses to go away. In previous years, submental liposuction was the go-to procedure to eliminate a double chin. Though neck lipo is indeed an effective option, it does require more invasive techniques, which leads to a longer recovery. As technology continues to advance us into an age of non-surgical treatments, it’s now possible for patients to experience the benefits of liposuction without the invasive process that comes with it. Plastic surgeons are expecting the demand for CoolMini treatments to be extremely high. Instead of surgically suctioning out the fat, CoolMini treatments use the same selective cryolipolysis technology to destroy fat cells as the now ubiquitous CoolSculpting procedure.

The CoolSculpting process is effective and safe because fat cells freeze at a different temperature than skin or nerve tissue. This allows for controlled cooling of the fat cells without creating any collateral damage to nearby tissue. As a result, the fat gradually dissolves and is flushed out of the system through the body’s natural processes. What makes CoolMini an exciting addition to the CoolSculpting process is the smaller size and new curvature of the device. It is designed to effectively address smaller surface areas where requests for fat reduction are increasingly common, such as the region under the chin. The CoolMini applicator was actually developed back in 2007. After nearly eight years of clinical trials and testing, the FDA was ready to offer its stamp of approval. During these clinical trials, plastic surgeons were blown away by how effective the treatment was.

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Excellent Results

It takes about three days for the fat cells to begin experiencing apoptosis, or natural cell death. Results can be seen about three weeks after the session and may require a couple of visits depending on the amount of fat present. As the frozen fat cells die and dissolve into the body, the treated area will continue to reduce in volume. Optimum results are typically seen around the 12-week mark. The body will continue to flush out destroyed fat cells up to 6 months after treatment.

After excess fat is eliminated, the newly defined facial contours will create a more youthful and sculpted appearance. By reducing volume in the chin and reshaping those highly visible contours, patients will also appear to have lost a significant amount of weight. Patients average a 20-percent fat reduction in the treated area, which is consistent with typical CoolSculpting applicators. Results can be maintained indefinitely with a healthy diet and regular exercise. At Marina Med Spa, our skilled physicians have experience with CoolSculpting and with surgically treating the areas under the chin, making them ideal for providing CoolMini treatment. To learn more about the CoolMini applicator, contact our office to set up an appointment.

CoolMini FAQs

Once fat cells have been destroyed with cryolipolysis, they are permanently eliminated from the body and cannot be replaced. However, the remaining fat cells will continue to swell and shrink naturally with weight change. Significant weight change after CoolMini treatment may affect results. Patients who are planning to lose weight or anticipate weight change are often encouraged to postpone treatment until their weight is stable to achieve the best possible and most sustainable results.

CoolMini is an ideal treatment option for healthy adults experiencing stubborn pockets of fat in smaller areas of the body (especially under the chin) which do not respond to diet and exercise. Candidates’ weight should be stable. CoolMini in Los Angeles is safe for all skin types and tones.

Many patients are satisfied with their results after just one CoolMini session. However, some patients may choose to receive 2 to 3 treatments to achieve optimal results. These treatments should be scheduled at least 4 to 6 weeks apart.

Los Angeles CoolMini is non-invasive, safe, and well-tolerated by the vast majority of patients. However, some minor side effects may occur as a result of CoolMini treatment. During treatment, it is not uncommon for some patients to experience tugging, pulling, or pinching.Soon after treatment, some patients report pain, aching, or stinging in the treatment area. These side effects typically appear soon after treatment and can last 3 to 11 days. Redness, swelling, bruising, and tenderness may also develop in treatment areas, though these conditions are generally mild and can be expected to subside within a couple of weeks.Very rarely, a serious side effect called paradoxical adipose hyperplasia may occur. This condition involves the expansion of fat cells in the treated area. While this condition does not pose a health risk, it does require surgery to correct.

CoolMini requires very little preparation, although you may be asked to avoid or temporarily discontinue the use of medications or supplements which may thin the blood. Ibuprofen, aspirin, ginger, turmeric, fish oil, and blood thinners should be avoided to prevent increased bruising.

CoolMini effectively eliminates stubborn fat from the area beneath the chin, though it does not tighten the skin. During your CoolMini Los Angeles consultation, all concerns will be considered to develop a treatment plan which will provide you with the best possible results.

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