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Now reduce 2x the fat at the #1 CoolSculpting center in the world

Over 50000 CoolSculpting Procedures Performed

Freeze the Fat Away with No Surgery. No Downtime.

Your love handles aren’t forgiving. Why should you be? If you’re tired of stubborn fat in your midsection and liposuction is not for you, CoolSculpting® may be the right option. CoolSculpting® has helped many Los Angeles men and women freeze away their fat with no incisions, no downtime and no surgery.

50,000+ CoolSculpting Treatments Performed Club
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CoolSculpting Reduces Stubborn Fat Without Surgery Or Downtime

Sculpt & Tone

Be the complete package

First Launched Here at The Marina Medspa

CoolSculpting Elite & CoolTone FDA Studies

Here are the Marina Medspa, we’ve treated more CoolSculpting patients than any other center but that’s just the beginning of what makes us world leaders in CoolSculpting. The initial studies for CoolSculpting Elite & CoolTone were actually conducted by our team right here in The Marina Medspa. When you come in for treatment, you’ll be working with the experts who helped bring CoolSculpting Elite & CoolTone to the public. Why would you go anywhere else?

Grant Stevens MD - Freeze the Fat Elite

The Best Team The Best Results

Led by world-renowned Medical Director, Dr. Grant Stevens, the Marina Medspa team is made up of superheros in the medical aesthetics field.

Together, we've performed more CoolSculpting treatments than anyone else in the world and have more degrees than we have wall space. From our zero-pressure consultations to ensuring gentle hands in all treatments, we are perfectionists with everything we do. We're also ridiculously friendly.

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It Gets Even Cooler... Marina Medspa

Discover the full Marina Medspa experience

At Marina MedSpa, we can help sculpt your body and freeze the fat. But that is just the beginning of the incredible aesthetic treatments we provide. We believe in treating Patients for Life™ and that means helping you look and feel your best at any age. With our full service offerings, we can address a wide range of aesthetic needs with treatments ranging from injectables, to advanced body contouring, to laser and light based skin procedures.

CoolSculpting Elite Los Angeles

Elite Sculpting From The World’s #1 CoolSculpting Provider

CoolSculpting Elite in Los Angeles At Marina Medspa

In early 2021, CoolSculpting® reshaped the world of body sculpting with the announcement of CoolSculpting Elite; a completely revamped dual-applicator CoolSculpting machine that can cover a larger area of the body than ever before and enable more treatments in less time. Marina Medspa was instrumental in the launch of CoolSculpting Elite and was the first practice in the world to use the new system. Why would you get CoolSculpting Elite anywhere else?

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CoolTone. Not Just Attractive — Magnetic

Los Angeles CoolTone At Marina Medspa

From the makers of CoolSculpting, CoolTone harnesses the power of magnetic muscle stimulation (MMS) to trigger your muscles to fire at an incredibly fast rate; giving you a workout that would typically take multiple sessions at the gym in a matter of minutes! Safely increase muscle performance and shrink fat surrounding your muscles with “the Superman workout” at Marina Medspa.

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CoolTone Los Angeles

About Freeze The Fat Marina Medspa

Freeze the Fat is a part of the Marina Medspa, the #1 CoolSculpting Practice in the world for four straight years! The most CoolSculpting machines. The most experience. The best prices!

Marina Medspa Los Angeles
Marina Medspa Los Angeles
Marina Medspa Los Angeles

Patients for Life CoolSculpting Testimonials

“I am shocked at how much of a difference it made!”

“I was a little nervous to do the treatment because I have read mixed reviews, but after my consultation, I felt very comfortable and I am so glad I did it because my belly bulge is GONE!”

"I did CoolTone to prep for my wedding.”

"I had four treatments on my abs. I definitely noticed my abs were more toned. The procedure isn’t painful. Definitely beats a workout."

"I had CoolSculpting at Marina Medspa and I am beyond excited about my results!”

"I treated my love handles, stomach, and arms and it made such a huge difference! I work out regularly but those areas have always been so stubborn. It’s totally worth it! Even my friend complimented how flat my stomach is!"

"My CoolSculpting results were better than expected.”

"So happy I did it. Would do it again in a second. No matter how much core and cardio I did, nothing seemed to smooth out those love handles. ... Best decision!"

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Want to know if Freeze the Fat is right for you? Schedule a zero-pressure consultation with the #1 Los Angeles CoolSculpting provider. Our cryolipolysis experts have performed tens of thousands of treatments and will answer any questions you might have about the process.

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